How did I not know that today was a big TV DVD release day? I’m usually on top of these things! Parks and Rec season 6 and The Mindy Project season 2 are now on their way to my house. Ugh, I wish I preordered, then they would be there already. 

I live for gag reels. I can’t wait. 

Season finale season has officially begun. My weeknights are about to free up. I have now seen two season finales, Scandal and Parenthood. Scandal was…okay. It was kind of strange. I don’t really like the way they ended the season. I don’t have that “OMG I CAN’T WAIT A WHOLE SUMMER” feeling.

Parenthood was really good. Parenthood is always good. I think I’ve cried at every single episode. Did Parenthood get renewed? I don’t even know. I hope so. This show deserves to live on for a long time.

Grey’s is next week. Mindy is in three weeks. I really don’t know about the other shows I watch, I haven’t been keeping track, I usually just wait until after an episode and then they say, “ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT…” 

The good news is, Mad Men just started up again, and Orange is the New Black will be back soon. I think Masters of Sex will be back in a couple months too. Also, I’ve DVR’d literally every episode of NCIS this season. I haven’t watched a single one. I was too bummed about Ziva leaving, so I kept putting it off until I just got too far behind. I’ll have to watch the whole season this summer. 

There’s never a shortage of television shows for me…

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Scandal has got me, guys. I’ve watched 24 episodes since Sunday at 5pm. That’s 24 forty minute episodes in about 65 hours, while balancing a full time job and watching my regularly scheduled shows during the week.

I didn’t think I’d be caught up with the series by Thursday when a new episode airs, but I will be. I have 6 episodes left. It’s the home stretch now.

How did I do it? Well, I’m fucking exhausted but I can’t stop watching. I’m almost caught up. Everything will be back to normal soon…

The drama, the relationships…it’s just SO GOOD.

Netflix is a blessing and a curse.

This is why I can’t start good TV shows. Once I start, I can’t stop until I’m caught up. It’s bad.

PS - Does anyone know of any good Scandal tumblrs? I’d like to follow some… :-/

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I watched so much TV tonight. 4 straight hours. That’s not that bad, but it is tough when it’s different shows. I can sit through tons of episodes of the same show and it’s no big deal.

The fact that I watched 3 different shows, and I’m very emotionally invested in all of them…I feel like my brain is fried right now. 

Parks, Grey’s, and Parenthood…so many emotions. I wanted to watch Michael J. Fox too but I couldn’t do it. Not tonight. 

I think I have a love/hate relationship with TV premiere week. I’m so happy to watch my favorite shows again, but I’m so mad at how tired I get and how I have no time to do anything other than watch TV.

Today was literally wake up, work, come home, take the dogs out, browse the internet for a half hour or so, 1 hour of Parks, 2 hours of Grey’s, 1 hour of Parenthood. Now it’s 11pm and I have to go to bed. I didn’t even eat dinner. I FORGOT about dinner. Now it’s too late. 

I have to get back into a routine. I won’t have it down for a couple of weeks, but once I do, I know it’s not this bad. Also, the fact that Parks and Grey’s were double episodes, that threw me off a bit. It’ll all get back to normal soon…

I’m so tired. Goodnight.

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TOO MUCH TV TONIGHT. I don’t know what to do.

NBC - 7-9  - The Voice 

CBS - 7-8 - NCIS

FOX - 7:30-9 - Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl, The Mindy Project.

I had it all figured out when I thought the voice was only one hour long tonight. I was going to watch the voice from 7-8, new girl at 8 and Mindy at 8:30, then I was going to DVR NCIS because CBS is an asshole and they don’t put their shit on hulu plus, then I was going to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine on hulu tomorrow.

Ugh. Now I’m all thrown off. I definitely have to DVR NCIS. That’s a given. I also HAVE to watch Mindy tonight because I’ve been waiting two weeks for the next episode.

Maybe I’ll still do what I was going to do, watch The Voice until 8, then New Girl and Mindy, then tomorrow I’ll watch Brooklyn Nine Nine and I’ll catch the 2nd half of tonight’s episode of the voice on hulu sometime before Monday.

First world problems… 

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Television makes me so happy. Seriously. Even though the Emmys were shitty yesterday, almost all of my shows are coming back this week (a few premiered last week) and it puts me in such a good mood!

I had to come to work this morning to an angry email from someone who basically snapped at me for something that wasn’t my fault, but I don’t care because TV is back! 

In all seriousness though, TV is such a wonderful outlet for people who need to escape from the real world for a bit. I’m not saying people should live entirely based off the lives of their favorite characters, but if you know how to properly draw the line between fiction and reality, and actors and their roles, loving television can be really good for you. 

I hate that loving TV is kind of looked at as being lazy. I feel like people scoff when I tell them how excited I am about a certain show coming back, but they just don’t get it. That’s okay. Everyone has their thing. The one thing that makes everything better when life is shitty, and makes you even happier when life is not shitty. Television is my thing. It has been for as long as I can remember, and it will be for the rest of my life. 

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I’m really thankful that TV season is here right now. The way things are going, I need a way to escape into some stories that I care about. 

I’m ready to immerse myself in the fictional TV world and get lost in all of the Mindy/Danny, Ben/Leslie, Meredith/Derek, and Jess/Nick romance, along with all of the Parenthood drama and the murders/rapes/assaults that the BAU solve on Criminal Minds along with whatever happens on the navy yard for NCIS to solve and in Manhattan for SVU. 

Also..Adam Levine and The Voice.

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I just found my ticket and program from the year I went to the Emmys. I think it’s Hugh Laurie’s autograph, I don’t remember asking anyone else to sign it, but I am not 100% sure and I can’t really read it, haha. Maybe I’ll get to go again one day. It was so much fun. 2006 was a good year for TV and Conan hosted that year. 


Edit - I also found this other card, it must’ve came with my tickets. It’s signed by Christopher Meloni on the cover, and Mariska Hargitay on the inside. Some other people signed inside too, I think Jon Cryer is at the bottom. I can’t really make out the others. :-/

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My brother and I were having a conversation. If you could only pick five television shows and they would be guaranteed to be renewed next year, what would you pick? You can’t choose anything that’s already cancelled, like The Office and Breaking Bad. Also, variety shows/late night shows don’t count, so don’t worry about including SNL or Late Night. I’m also not counting Arrested Development, because it’s technically already been cancelled and now it’s back for one season, it’s a weird circumstance. 

Here are mine - 

- Parks and Recreation

- The Mindy Project

-  Parenthood

- Grey’s Anatomy


This was a really hard decision because there are at least 3 more I want to put on this list. 

I am curious, what are your five?

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May 6, 2004

That is the day that my all time favorite television show ended - Friends.

Friends played a very important role in my life when I was growing up. I went through a lot of hard times in middle school and Friends was basically the only thing that made me laugh. It’s played such a significant part in my life, I actually have a Friends tattoo.

You might ask why I am writing this today. Well, today, a show called 30 Rock is ending. While 30 Rock hasn’t touched my life the way Friends has, it has grown to become one of my favorite shows. I know that there are a bunch of people out there who feel the same way I felt about Friends about 30 Rock. It’s the end of an era. It’s hard. A lot of people don’t understand how or why TV shows have such an impact on people, but I do. TV is magical. It affects people in extraordinary ways. I understand the hurt and sadness that 30 Rock fans will be feeling tonight. That’s why I’m writing this blog entry.

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I’ve fallen behind on so many TV shows this season. The two that I will never fall behind on are Parks and The Office, but everything else has kind of taken a back seat.

99.9% of you won’t be interested in the rest, I’m just rambling about which shows I need to catch up on this summer. This is partly for myself so I don’t forget. Oh, and if you have any suggestions on shows I should watch this summer, let me know! I’m hoping to get a lot of TV in.

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