Look what I found at the thrift store!! Only 1.99! It’s mine now!

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Oscar is on New Girl! First, Angela. Now Oscar. New Girl is borrowing the cast from The Office and that makes me happy.

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I don’t watch “How I Met Your Mother” but apparently they had a pretty awful series finale. I was listening to the radio this morning and they were sticking up for the show, talking about how it’s almost impossible for a TV show that’s been on for 8 or 9 years to have an ending that’s actually satisfying for all of the viewers, and no TV show like that in recent history has had a great ending. They were bringing up “Seinfeld,” which apparently had a shitty ending, and they spent some time talking about “Friends,” which, in my opinion, had a great ending. Maybe not perfect, but it was close. 

While the morning DJs were going on and on about how it’s IMPOSSIBLE to write an ending that pulls the entire series together for a show that’s been on for 9 years, and how no writer, no matter how talented, could make it perfect, I kept thinking,”…um…’THE OFFICE?’”

"The Office" was on for 9 years and it had the ABSOLUTE PERFECT ENDING. No show has brought the entire series together in such a way. It was a perfect circle and that proves that it’s not impossible to write a perfect ending. It is extremely possible. Every single character on that show had their story line wrapped up in a great way. Even characters who weren’t on the show anymore and came back, had a great ending. 

There’s no excuse for lazy finale writing. It’s not impossible. That’s all I wanted to say. 

Ed Helms’ reddit AMA is pretty awesome. (x)

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I don’t think I’m ready for SNL tonight. I’m still emotional from The Office on Thursday. I’m not ready for more goodbyes. It’s too soon. 

I started laughing on the way to work thinking about how everyone was bringing a cat as a wedding gift.

This episode could not have been written more perfectly.

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I have to stop looking at gifs this morning because I’m tearing up.

I am going to keep the retrospective and the finale on my DVR until the S9 DVD comes out. The DVD will have the retrospective on it, right? It has to.

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Really, this episode deserves every award it could possibly get. This is exactly how a series finale should be done. They wrapped up everyone’s story and it was so touching and sweet and hilarious all at the same time. It was literally the perfect ending to the perfect show. 

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