I feel like going out for a drink right now and celebrating. Fly over from London. I hope you’re not mad I published this because you are expressing my excitement perfectly

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stupidfuckingquestions replied to your post: TOO MUCH TV TONIGHT. I do…

imagine that but living in britain (time zones) and also having british tv shows. uber first world problems.

I can’t even imagine…having to stay up until early the next day to see your favorite shows, on top of having a whole bunch of different shows…you do have it much worse, haha. I applaud you for keeping it together. 

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Favorite Male Actor? (I’m excluding comedians because it’d be too hard to include them.) Probably Bradley Cooper, at least for now.

Favorite Female Actor? Jennifer Aniston and Amy Poehler, it’s a tie.

One person you would spend the rest of your life with? As far as a celebrity? I’m having John Mayer situation right now but I know there’s a 98% chance he’d break my heart. I think I still choose him.

Vinyl or CD? CD

Movie you haven’t watch but always wanted to? Movie questions are always hard. I can’t think of a movie I’ve always wanted to see, but I still haven’t seen Admission and Identity Thief and I really want to watch both of those. 

Dream job? Working in TV

You get on a plane tomorrow, where do you go? Probably LA

Best decision you ever made? To bring home my dog Mikey from Iowa. He’s my baby, getting him was the best decision I’ve ever made by far.

Favorite unusual tumblr? It’s not really unusual, but it’s not like the other blogs I follow, so I guess it’s unusual for me -

Favorite person in family? I’m close with my whole immediate family, I’m very lucky in that sense.

What TV show would you work for? Late Night The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, or Late Night With Seth Meyers (That is really fun to type!)

Do you believe in love? I think so. It’s been a long time for me, and it didn’t work out too well the last time, but I’d like to believe that it exists and it’s out there, and I’ll feel it again some time. 

Here are my new questions - 

Favorite Comedian? 

Dog or Cat? 

All time favorite TV show?

What moment in life has made you the happiest you’ve ever felt?

Favorite Musician?

Who is your favorite character on any TV show?

If you could change your name, what name would you pick?

Favorite color?

Favorite beverage? 

Favorite website (besides tumblr)?

Current favorite song?

If you could have one dream come true, what would you choose?

I don’t know if I can think of 12 people to tag off the top of my head. I’ll honestly be happy if any of my followers wanted to do this, I’d also be happy if you guys ignore it, do whatever you feel like!

I’ll tag a few people -




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stupidfuckingquestions replied to your photo: My car was literally surrounded by water at this…

eugh jesus, how on earth do we have better weather than you right now?

I don’t know, it’s just awful. My dogs were in my bed all night because of the thunder and lightening. They were terrified.

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this happened to me too! It’s so crazy how much rain we’re getting and it’s still going

I know! It’s not stopping any time soon. My backyard is almost under water completely. My driveway was so flooded that I had to step into about 3 inches of water to get into my car and now my shoes are in bad shape. I should have stayed home today, haha.

katarns replied to your post: Oh, and speaking of me feeling old, my birthday is…

Express all you want :) We all know that feeling

evybibi replied to your post: Oh, and speaking of me feeling old, my birthday is…

I’m turning 27 in May. So honey, I feel you *hugs*

stupidfuckingquestions replied to your post: Oh, and speaking of me feeling old, my birthday is…

I love that we are the same age. Haha I’m 7 months younger. I haven’t celebrated a birthday since 21. I’ve been a fan of of JT for longer than some people on here have been alive.

stupidfuckingquestions replied to your photo: Bradley Cooper in He’s Just Not That Into You

now i’m gonna have to watch this silly film, aren’t i :(

Haha, I actually really like it. It’s like one of my guilty pleasure movies. It’s not “deep” or anything, but it has so many of my favorite actors and I always cry at one or two of the story lines. I’m such a baby during romantic comedies. And..if this gif set didn’t convince you, the next one I post will.

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What about the CSI cast saying he was the worst? Or just my 100% accurate intuition ;)

Haha, I don’t remember reading anything about the CSI cast, though I stopped watching that show years ago, so I don’t pay too much attention to anything that has to do with it. Your intuition could be correct! 

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What’s the Mulaney story? That Bieber scared him, or was there something else?

thisbuildinghasfeelings replied to your poststupidfuckingquestions replied to your post: I…

What is the story with the Bieber/Mulaney thing? I’ve seen it referenced a couple times but I’ve never heard what happened.

Yeah, it’s just that last time Bieber was on, apparently he jumped out around corners and scared Mulaney, or locked him in a closet. I can’t remember exactly what the article said. 

stupidfuckingquestions replied to your post: I think I’m the only SNL fan who’s not really…

I think Biebs will be a good host amist the screaming, but I am a good sense of character and he is clearly a dick, and none of N’Sync (OR *Nsync.. translation?) gave me those vibes. I just think this season has too many tween hosts, not varied?!

I hear you. *Nsync definitely weren’t dicks. Not until Justin decided to end the group and that wasn’t his fault it was Cameron Diaz’s (I still love Justin though). 

As far as Bieber, the only nasty story I’ve heard about him is the Mulaney thing. As far as I know, he’s a decent kid. He always takes time out to meet his fans. He seems to know where he came from. Maybe the reason I think he’s a good kid is because Rob Dyrdek has such great things to say about him and I know that Rob is a really good guy. I don’t think Rob would take Bieber under his wing if the kid was an asshole. I don’t know though, I don’t know Bieber personally, so I really have no idea what he is like in real life. 

I also hope that they are a little more broad with their hosts for the rest of the season. I’m sure a lot of it depends on availability and what people have to promote. There is a mile long list of people I’d like to see host. I’m sure all SNL fans have a list like that. We can only hope we get lucky!

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I officially think you are a robot. How did you have time to do the Parks promo though!?!!?1

Haha, it was a slow time during Arnold and Sylvester. I wasn’t going to do it, but I went back and grabbed the clip. 

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stupidfuckingquestions replied to your post: It’s the calm before the storm. I’m waiting for…

I believe in you

Haha, thank you. Award shows are so chaotic, but so much fun! 

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You are watching Breaking Bad so quickly :D

Haha, I’m trying REALLY hard to pace myself but it’s one of those shows where you watch one episode and you find yourself clicking play on the next episode without realizing it. It’s too good.

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Marry me!

Haha :-)

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