I’m so glad Taran is still in the cast. Please, don’t leave for a long, LONG time, Taran. 

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I love that he’s messing up a little bit because he’s chris pratt and he’s adorable no matter what. He’s so flustered and it just makes him more lovable if that was even possible. 

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Cecily’s puppy was in the opening credits! That’s awesome and adorable!

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I just needed to say that.

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And maybe an Amy Poehler cameo in the season premiere? That’d be fun. 

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Apparently Parks and Recreation is filming here today. Chris Pratt was at the Cubs game last night. I’m at work all day. Fuck me. 

I’ve been wondering if they’d ever film here. Now they are and I can’t go watch. Boo. 

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Of course both Maroon 5 and Usher announce tours on the same day. That means tickets for both go on sale around the same time. I don’t have money for that. Ugh. Maroon 5 will have to take priority this time, and I’ll have to wait until closer to the show to get tickets for Usher. And what’s up with prices? $140 for Maroon 5 and $180 for Usher?! That’s insane. I love Usher, but really? Justin Timberlake ticket prices for Usher? No. I’ll probably end up paying it anyway. But no. 

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Aaron Paul deserved it, 100%. I would have liked to see Josh Charles win it also, since he won’t be able to win for Will Gardner again, but two people can’t win. Everyone in that category deserved that award. That was a tough one. 

Aaron Paul brought Jesse Pinkman to life in a remarkable way. He really did an incredible job on that show. 

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I like Modern Family. I really do. It’s a very funny show. That said…it doesn’t deserve every single Emmy award every single year that it’s on the air. Come on, now. Show the other comedies some love. This is just ridiculous. 

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That’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

Some of these shows ARE NOT A COMEDY! And they are taking awards away from my favorite comedic actors! It’s awful. 

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Emmy time! I love Seth! I love TV! I love every single thing about this! 

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So, my check engine light is on and starbucks gave me the wrong drink this morning. What a good start to Emmy Day. 

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