Aaron Paul deserved it, 100%. I would have liked to see Josh Charles win it also, since he won’t be able to win for Will Gardner again, but two people can’t win. Everyone in that category deserved that award. That was a tough one. 

Aaron Paul brought Jesse Pinkman to life in a remarkable way. He really did an incredible job on that show. 

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I like Modern Family. I really do. It’s a very funny show. That said…it doesn’t deserve every single Emmy award every single year that it’s on the air. Come on, now. Show the other comedies some love. This is just ridiculous. 

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That’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

Some of these shows ARE NOT A COMEDY! And they are taking awards away from my favorite comedic actors! It’s awful. 

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Emmy time! I love Seth! I love TV! I love every single thing about this! 

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So, my check engine light is on and starbucks gave me the wrong drink this morning. What a good start to Emmy Day. 

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The VMAs were a nice warm up for me tonight. I like award shows and all, and while nothing was spectacular (in my opinion), there were some fun moments. 

For me, tomorrow is what it’s all about. Emmy day is basically a holiday in my world. The Emmys are my absolute favorite award show. I wish I could take tomorrow off work to prepare myself by sleeping in and watching quality television. I can’t. Instead, I will go to work, come home and turn on E! for the Pre-Pre-Pre show, or whatever they do these days, and then stay glued to my TV until the Emmys are over. 

Also, Seth is hosting! Yay! I can’t wait!

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I feel like I’ve been kind of absent from tumblr this summer. I’ve been letting my queue do most of the posting. It’s been a relatively quiet summer for me. I guess it makes sense that I haven’t been posting much because most of what I post about are my favorite TV shows and TV has been on hiatus this summer.

I’ll tell you what I did watch this summer (if you follow me, you can probably tell from my queued posts).

Towards the beginning of the summer, I watched Broad City. That took me maybe a week to get through. I love it, it’s great, and I can’t wait until next season. 

I also started watching Happy Endings with my brother. We didn’t finish it, we got to the middle of the second season. He just left for school, so I will definitely pick up watching when he is home for the first break. Happy Endings is really funny. I don’t know why I didn’t hear much about it before, it’s really a good show. 

I watched the entire series of House MD. I laughed, I cried…overall, I loved it. 

I’m currently watching The Good Wife. I’ll definitely be caught up before it starts up again next month. I’m actually pacing myself because I really don’t want to get to that part of season 5. You know what I’m talking about if you watch the show. I know I have to push through it, but I am sad already and I still have about 20 episodes to go until it happens. If you don’t watch The Good Wife, I promise, you are missing out. This show is so incredibly well written and the acting is phenomenal. It’s basically a perfect TV drama. 

Because of The Good Wife, I’ve realized what a gem Julianna Marguiles is and I started watching ER. I just started it maybe a week ago. I know I’ve seen some episodes throughout the years when it was on TV, but I never watched from start to finish. I’m excited to see where it goes. So far, it’s great. Baby George Clooney and Baby Noah Wyle are adorable. Oh, and Baby Adam Scott was in an episode! I didn’t realize it was him at first because he was all bloody, but I figured it out. It was a nice surprise. This one will take me a while because it is like 15 seasons long. That’s a loooonnnng time for a drama to stay on the air. That is like watching Law and Order: SVU from the beginning and I can’t even imagine doing that. It would take forever. It’s a good thing I’ve already seen every episode of SVU a thousand times thanks to the USA network. 

Anyway, I look forward to my favorite shows coming back soon, and posting on tumblr more often. It’s a nice little outlet for me.

I hope everyone had a good summer!

How did I not know that today was a big TV DVD release day? I’m usually on top of these things! Parks and Rec season 6 and The Mindy Project season 2 are now on their way to my house. Ugh, I wish I preordered, then they would be there already. 

I live for gag reels. I can’t wait. 

My new PJs are the cutest. I might actually use the top as a regular shirt. Is that acceptable?

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I finally have a #TBT. My family found some old pictures the other day. Here I am, maybe 24 or 25 years ago, with my favorite stuffed dog, Scamper. I still have him somewhere. He went everywhere with me back in the day.

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I bought it. I had to. Even though I already had all of these songs, I had to get it. This song though, “Are You Gonna Be There,” I had it buried on my computer. I had it all these years, I think it was from the mcdonalds CD, but I forgot to put it on my iPhone. It’s such a great song and I’m so happy to have it back in rotation on my phone. Now I will most likely have *Nsync on repeat all day.

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So the label puts out an *Nsync album with ZERO publicity. The guys in *Nsync don’t even know it’s coming out. They put it out today, and it’s sold out on amazon, and top 10 on itunes. 

That says so much about *Nsync and what they were. There was NO PUBLICITY. No one knew this was coming out and no one preordered it. An album with no new recorded music and no publicity did this well. Imagine if they actually put out a new album with new songs and did promo. It would smash records again. It definitely would. 

This is pretty much unbelievable and amazing. I’m just so proud to be an *Nsync fan. *Nsync fans are the best.

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