Season finale season has officially begun. My weeknights are about to free up. I have now seen two season finales, Scandal and Parenthood. Scandal was…okay. It was kind of strange. I don’t really like the way they ended the season. I don’t have that “OMG I CAN’T WAIT A WHOLE SUMMER” feeling.

Parenthood was really good. Parenthood is always good. I think I’ve cried at every single episode. Did Parenthood get renewed? I don’t even know. I hope so. This show deserves to live on for a long time.

Grey’s is next week. Mindy is in three weeks. I really don’t know about the other shows I watch, I haven’t been keeping track, I usually just wait until after an episode and then they say, “ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT…” 

The good news is, Mad Men just started up again, and Orange is the New Black will be back soon. I think Masters of Sex will be back in a couple months too. Also, I’ve DVR’d literally every episode of NCIS this season. I haven’t watched a single one. I was too bummed about Ziva leaving, so I kept putting it off until I just got too far behind. I’ll have to watch the whole season this summer. 

There’s never a shortage of television shows for me…

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I need a vacation. The day literally just started and it already sucks. 

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Shirtless photos of a super muscular Paul Rudd playing football on the beach have been released and I came to tumblr expecting them to be all over my dashboard so I can reblog. You’ve let me down, tumblr. 

Someone find those photos and post them ASAP!

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Haha, that was a strange but enjoyable monologue. I definitely was not expecting Taylor Swift. Then she said Ed Sheeran was there and it all made sense. 

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I just watched the *Nsync Popodyssey tour DVD. It’s good to bring that out every so often. Watching it brings me back to a simpler, happier time. I swear, if I had a time machine, I’d travel back to an *Nsync show. I can’t even describe the feeling I felt when the lights went out, and they appeared on stage. It was an energy that nothing compares to, and nothing in my life probably ever will compare to. 

I saw *Nsync in concert nine times, but if I knew back then that 2002 would be the last time they would tour, I’d have made sure to go to as many as I possibly could. You never know. 

And if they ever tour again…I will find a way to go to as many as I can. I’d give so much to be able to feel that feeling again. It was a state of euphoria that can’t be described with words. I just feel lucky that I was able to experience it.

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Have you ever had a sex dream about someone you haven’t really ever thought of sexually? Then you wake up and are like, “What the fuck just happened?” 

That’s where I’m at today. It’s that kind of day. It’s 1pm and I still can’t figure it out. It wasn’t necessarily a bad dream though…just strange.

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I’m back on! Thanks to one of my amazing followers who happens to work for tumblr, I am able to log in! I missed tumblr so much today, you don’t realize how attached you are until you can’t read what’s on your dash! 

Thanks so much, Danielle. I’m more grateful thank you know! 

PS - The heartbleed security thing is no joke, everyone change your passwords so you don’t have to deal with what I dealt with today! 

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So I’m totally locked out of my tumblr when I try to log in on a computer. The app on my phone still works but when I try and login on a computer it says “security warning, we’ve detected suspicious behavior on your account, reset your password”

When I go to reset my password, tumblr never sends me the verification email. I’m stuck. How do I fix this? I’m getting really frustrated, this has been going on all day and I can’t get a response from tumblr.

Also, my theme got screwed up.

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Last night, The Mindy Project broke my heart into a thousand tiny pieces. I knew it was coming and I know that this isn’t the end of Mindy/Danny, but the acting was so realistic and so damn good that my emotions did a complete 180. I was laughing and so happy and in a matter of seconds my face fell and my heart dropped. What a good episode. Solid writing. 

As for the second episode, I really wish that they would have aired them in order because while they tried to make it work, it still seemed a bit out of place. Danny would not have moved so fast with another woman right after ending things with Mindy. Anna Gunn was really good, I love her. It was nice to see Joanna Garcia, though I didn’t love her character. 

Peter is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. He is just so funny. The way he reacts to things, and the way he took Mindy under his wing in “Be Cool,” he is just progressing into a really great character. 

I’m excited for next week, but I’m bummed there are only 4 episodes left and we only have a half hour episode for the next four weeks. 

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7 minutes until 2 new episodes of The Mindy Project! Tuesdays are slowly creeping up on Thursdays as my favorite TV night of the week. If there were always two new episodes of Mindy on Tuesdays, we’d have a very VERY close race.

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I GOT MY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE TICKETS. Fuck. That was so stressful. The good seats sell out so fast, and for the first 15-20 minutes I was pulling up shitty seats in the back by the 2nd stage. Then FINALLY I pulled up seats in the exact same section I was in last time, 113, the section right by the stage. I have row 13 this time and I had row 3 last time but these tickets are still DAMN good. I knew I wouldn’t be as lucky as I was last time, and I’m just glad I got tickets in a good section, close to the stage. When his stage starts moving towards the back of the arena, he will be right in our face, haha.

Silly Justin Timberlake, announcing a concert one day and having fan club tickets go on sale the next day. He gives us absolutely no time to prepare. 

See you in December, Justin. :-)

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Justin Timberlake announced more tour dates and he is coming back! My heart is happy but my bank account is sad. The presale starts tomorrow. I guess I’ll see what kind of tickets I can pull up…

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