Will Arnett on the red carpet at the 2013 Emmy Awards

Will Arnett is so damn funny. I hope he gets a successful show.

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Somebody find video of that Will Arnett interview. I want to watch and feel second hand embarrassment 

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Will Arnett on Jimmy Kimmel Live - 10/10/12

We know, we know: You just blue yourself.

In our latest issue, the cast of Arrested Development reveals what it was like to work together again: “We all walked onto the set and we just sat around and stared at each other, and it was surreal,” says Portia de Rossi. “Everybody looked exactly the same and they acted exactly the same, both in character and in between takes. Body ­language was the same, the same old jokes, the same old eye rolls. It was really amazing.”

(Source: entertainmentweekly)

Hearing Will Arnett talk to Mike Mo and mention Street League is like my worlds colliding. My mind is blown right now.