Season finale season has officially begun. My weeknights are about to free up. I have now seen two season finales, Scandal and Parenthood. Scandal was…okay. It was kind of strange. I don’t really like the way they ended the season. I don’t have that “OMG I CAN’T WAIT A WHOLE SUMMER” feeling.

Parenthood was really good. Parenthood is always good. I think I’ve cried at every single episode. Did Parenthood get renewed? I don’t even know. I hope so. This show deserves to live on for a long time.

Grey’s is next week. Mindy is in three weeks. I really don’t know about the other shows I watch, I haven’t been keeping track, I usually just wait until after an episode and then they say, “ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT…” 

The good news is, Mad Men just started up again, and Orange is the New Black will be back soon. I think Masters of Sex will be back in a couple months too. Also, I’ve DVR’d literally every episode of NCIS this season. I haven’t watched a single one. I was too bummed about Ziva leaving, so I kept putting it off until I just got too far behind. I’ll have to watch the whole season this summer. 

There’s never a shortage of television shows for me…

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