The finale was SO good. It was a perfect way to end the season. I’m so happy, I was so happy to see so many familiar faces back. Andy is a treasure and no one is more deserving of a super successful show and two Golden Globes. I love him so much. 

Now, let’s look forward to SEASON 40!

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Haha, this sketch is hilarious. I wonder if Anna Kendrick is a huge fan of the Disney classics. 

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I had to scroll SO FAR BACK on my dash to see even one post about Jim Parsons hosting SNL. Usually when I log on after a host announcement, my dash is full of posts, haha. 

I don’t really care for Jim Parsons, but I’m not bummed about it. That’s what makes SNL so great, they pull all kinds of different talent to host the show. It’s not ALWAYS going to be someone I love, and that’s totally okay with me.

One person I just really REALLY want to see host soon is Mindy Kaling. I think it’s time. She’s a big deal now and The Mindy Project is taking off. She’s super funny and I think she would do a great job. Get her on the show, NBCSNL! 

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This is going to be the hardest SNL departure for me in a very long time. Probably since Amy Poehler. I’ve loved SNL cast members who’ve left before. I loved Andy and Bill, and Kristen, but not like I love Seth. This is going to be really rough for me. Knowing he will be on 5 days a week soon softens the blow a little bit…but it will still be really hard.