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Sounds like Amy Poehler had a cold while filming this episode.

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I am crying laughing at this kid asking the question on the parks panel and the cast’s reaction. I’m crying.

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I just bought tickets to Aziz’s comedy tour. I’m excited.

In other Parks related news, the person in Paris who stole the lock, I hope you’re happy, you piece of shit. Not only have you angered tons of Parks fans, but now you’ve made the CREATOR of Parks and the ACTORS from Parks sad and angry. You really are a true fan. (sarcasm)

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Amy Poehler winning Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Today online if you buy a Parks and Rec shirt, you get a free Li’l Sebastian plush doll. I’ve been eyeing a certain shirt and I kind of want the plush, so I caved and treated myself. Oops. Damn incentives, they really get to me. 

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My sister saw Nick Offerman perform at her school and he sang “5000 Candles in the Wind”. I’m jealous. 

♪  Bye Byeeeeeeeeeee L’il Sebastian… 

That gets stuck in my head so bad. 

You know…I have a lot I can say about this whole Parks and Recreation situation, but I don’t really want to ruffle anyone’s feathers on tumblr. I guess I’ll try and speak my mind without pissing off too many people.

Unfortunately it takes more than a talented cast and good writing for a show to succeed. It takes publicity and a full backing of the network. Parks and Recreation never had that and they were doomed from the start.

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I was going to wait until the price dropped on the Parks and Rec season 5 DVD…but I can’t wait. I ordered it. It’ll be here tomorrow. 

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The Office made me cry. I was so happy.

Did anyone else notice that it seemed like the Parks and Recreation theme was sped up a little bit? I think they made it go a tiny bit faster to get more show time in. 

Also, I’m sad next week is the Parks season finale and don’t check the episode description if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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