Bill Hader on “The Tonight Show” - 7/12/13

What was the last SNL movie made? Macgruber? There have been so many amazing movies. Wayne’s World, A Night At The Roxbury, Superstar, etc.

I think it’s time for a new movie. I’d definitely pay the outrageous price to see a movie in a theater if I got to see a film featuring Stefon. It could follow his journey to all of the hottest clubs. It’d be SO good. Who’s with me?

I think it’s pretty safe to say we won’t be seeing Stefon on SNL anymore. Even if Bill comes back for a cameo, Seth is leaving in January and I can’t see Bill ever doing Stefon without Seth at the update desk.

Maybe we will see a Stefon cameo on Late Night With Seth Meyers some time in the future. That would be amazing.

Seth Meyers and Bill Hader have cameos?!?!?!

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Ben Affleck SNL Promo - Hosting 5/18/13 (x)

We better get an amazing “Stefon” segment on Weekend Update this Saturday. I will cry throughout the whole thing.