I better go through my queue and delete any future posts about “my favorite celebrity couple.”

Seriously though, I’m really bummed. I’ve been huge fans of both Amy and Will individually for such a long time. I will continue to support both of them, but it will be sad knowing they aren’t together anymore. 

They really seemed so in love, but honestly, so much can go on that we (the fans) don’t know about. I really give them credit for keeping a brave face on and working, not letting anyone know what was really going on until they were ready and it was on their terms. They are splitting in a very classy manner, and I think that shows that they have a lot of love and respect for their family and will continue to remain on good terms for the boys. 

It’s better for them to split before they start to hate each other. Some couples stay together for the kids and it makes them miserable and makes the kids miserable. I’m sure they explored all of their options and made the best decision for everyone. It’s sad, but it’s life. 

I hope everyone on tumblr continues to love and support both Amy and Will, because the last thing I want to see here are any Will or Amy hate posts. No one needs to place any blame, if they are classy about it, we should be classy about it as well.