I bought it. I had to. Even though I already had all of these songs, I had to get it. This song though, “Are You Gonna Be There,” I had it buried on my computer. I had it all these years, I think it was from the mcdonalds CD, but I forgot to put it on my iPhone. It’s such a great song and I’m so happy to have it back in rotation on my phone. Now I will most likely have *Nsync on repeat all day.

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So the label puts out an *Nsync album with ZERO publicity. The guys in *Nsync don’t even know it’s coming out. They put it out today, and it’s sold out on amazon, and top 10 on itunes. 

That says so much about *Nsync and what they were. There was NO PUBLICITY. No one knew this was coming out and no one preordered it. An album with no new recorded music and no publicity did this well. Imagine if they actually put out a new album with new songs and did promo. It would smash records again. It definitely would. 

This is pretty much unbelievable and amazing. I’m just so proud to be an *Nsync fan. *Nsync fans are the best.

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I just watched the *Nsync Popodyssey tour DVD. It’s good to bring that out every so often. Watching it brings me back to a simpler, happier time. I swear, if I had a time machine, I’d travel back to an *Nsync show. I can’t even describe the feeling I felt when the lights went out, and they appeared on stage. It was an energy that nothing compares to, and nothing in my life probably ever will compare to. 

I saw *Nsync in concert nine times, but if I knew back then that 2002 would be the last time they would tour, I’d have made sure to go to as many as I possibly could. You never know. 

And if they ever tour again…I will find a way to go to as many as I can. I’d give so much to be able to feel that feeling again. It was a state of euphoria that can’t be described with words. I just feel lucky that I was able to experience it.

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And now since I’m looking through my Challenge for the Children photo albums, I will post a photo of my Gameboy Advance SP. Yes…my portable video game console which I had in my purse because I took it everywhere (Super Mario Bros. 3!)  I was at the bar and Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass were there, and people were going up to them to get stuff signed. Anyway, I didn’t have any *Nsync stuff on me, and I wasn’t really big on autographs, but I wanted an excuse to talk to them and all I had in my purse that was signable was my gameboy so…


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The most cruel April Fools joke I’ve encountered. :-(

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Happy No Strings Attached day! No album will ever break *Nsync’s record and that makes me very happy. 

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I have wanted this jersey for SO LONG. I found it on eBay and I was waiting for the price to come down and it finally did. Now it has arrived and it’s so beautiful in person. I will treasure this jersey. It’s rare and perfect. (Too big for me to wear but that’s okay, I plan on saving it forever)

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Last night in Ft. Lauderdale, Justin sang some of “Gone” and mentioned Chris and how much he loves him and apparently mentioned *Nsync. I saw a video of him singing gone (it was amazing), but I REALLY, REALLY want to see a video of him talking about Chris/*Nsync. If anyone has a link, I would be so grateful.

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I’m still not over the fact that *Nsync reunited for a performance and now they have an active twitter and stuff. It doesn’t feel real.

When they tweet something like this, it totally feels like my worlds are colliding. It’s so strange. I love that they tweeted this!

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Found this for $6 at Target. Since my copy is stuck my my car CD player, I thought I’d get this for the office.

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I had to include a closeup of the second picture, it’s pretty much perfect. I’m loving all these reunions, I seriously never thought I’d see the day when they’d be in the same room together again and now there’s group pictures months apart. 

Let’s keep the reunions coming, please!

Also, notice Chris has his Teen Choice Awards (the surfboards) hanging on the wall in his rec room. That’s awesome. 

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I was talking to my mom and I told her I think I’m going to have to go to Justin’s 2nd concert in Chicago too (I already have tickets to the first), and she was like “Carli, you don’t have to go see Justin a bunch of times.”

Then I said, “I guess, but if *Nsync tours again in a few years…” Then she interrupted me and was like like “we’re going to all the shows…obviously.”

I love my mom.