So the label puts out an *Nsync album with ZERO publicity. The guys in *Nsync don’t even know it’s coming out. They put it out today, and it’s sold out on amazon, and top 10 on itunes. 

That says so much about *Nsync and what they were. There was NO PUBLICITY. No one knew this was coming out and no one preordered it. An album with no new recorded music and no publicity did this well. Imagine if they actually put out a new album with new songs and did promo. It would smash records again. It definitely would. 

This is pretty much unbelievable and amazing. I’m just so proud to be an *Nsync fan. *Nsync fans are the best.

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I had to include a closeup of the second picture, it’s pretty much perfect. I’m loving all these reunions, I seriously never thought I’d see the day when they’d be in the same room together again and now there’s group pictures months apart. 

Let’s keep the reunions coming, please!

Also, notice Chris has his Teen Choice Awards (the surfboards) hanging on the wall in his rec room. That’s awesome. 

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17 Things Every True *NSYNC Fan Owned

I literally had every single thing on this list. I actually still have some of it…

I might even still have the chapstick in a box somewhere… :-/

It’s about that time…

Chris Kirkpatrick Ties the Knot: Inside His Wedding Day (x)

Look at this beautiful jacket I found on EBay. Made exclusively for the crew on the #nsync “No Strings Attached” tour. It’s amazing.

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Bought 2 copies, just like the old days. One to hang, one to save. 

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Lance Bass Engaged! 'N Sync Member Proposes to Boyfriend Michael Turchin

Congrats, Lance! 

Hey guys, remember when Joey jumped the wrong way in the “It’s Gonna Be Me” video? 

Oh, Joey…

Maybe one day I will be able to add to my collection? I can only hope. One day… #nsync

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*Nsync at the MTV Video Music Awards

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