There is a big spider in my office. I’m not exaggerating, it’s BIG. I can’t kill it, I can’t kill spiders because then I feel bad. At the same time, I can’t catch it and release it outside because it’s HUGE and I’m terrified of it. 

I keep looking at the floor around my desk because I’m afraid it’s going to creep up on me. It’s only 10:30am. This is going to be a long day. 

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I finally watched “They Came Together” last night. It was perfect.

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The one on the right looks so upset about this development.

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Maybe cinema’s finest moment.

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"You’re the most incredible man I’ve ever known .. You’re always gonna be, the most incredible man I’ve ever known"

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I just finished House. The entire series. It was…remarkable.

House will live on…I have season 1-6 on DVD and will be getting 7 and 8, so I can watch all of the special features. This show definitely goes into my top favorite shows of all time. 

On to the next show I guess. I’m thinking, The Good Wife. Does anyone watch? Any other ideas?

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